HideMyAss with Bitcoin support

It almost feels like a snowball just getting bigger and bigger. Bitcoin is here to stay, and more and more companies now implement Bitcoin as a part of their online payment system.

Bitcoin and HideMyAssWe have already written about how StrongVPN, EarthVPN and PureVPN have implemented Bitcoin as a part of their online payment systems, making users able to subscribe to a VPN service without leaving any trace of who they are and from where they have made the purchase. Another actor, and maybe the biggest of them all in the VPN business, HideMyAss, has also adjusted to the modern need for privacy, always when it comes to payment online, meaning that their users can also pay for their subscriptions online using Bitcoin.

There are many reasons for using Bitcoin, but again, if you only need to get a VPN service to be able to bypass geographical blocks and to watch TV online, then you do not really need to worry about paying with a VISA card, PayPal or Bitcoin. But, for those who for some reason need 100% privacy and giving other people no chance to trace their online activity back to them, then using Bitcoin as a payment method might in fact be very useful.

What makes Bitcoin better for businesses than for example PayPal is the fact that there are much lower fees connected to online payments, so when for example PayPal takes fees between 2 and 3,5% of the total amount, it is much smaller if you use Bitcoin. Enough about that. Any thoughts on the matter? Write a comment!

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