Setup LT2P connection on DD-WRT router using HideMyAss

If you want to use the L2TP protocol and HideMyAss is your VPN provider, then find out how to setup this combination on your DD-WRT router. It is easy, yet very powerful!

If you do not have a route running DD-WRT system, then maybe you should buy one first? Find out which are the best VPN routers on the market!

To get your router running DD-WRT online using LT2P encryption and your current HideMyAss subscription, do the following. If you do not have a HideMyAss subscription running, get that in order first, and then follow these steps.HideMyAss

LT2p using HideMyAss on DD-WRT router

It all starts with Setup – Basic Setup. There you can see the WAN Connection type.

  • Choose LT2P as your connection type.
  • Visit the following HideMyAss site and find the IP of the server you want to connect to. Copy the IP address to the Gateway field.
  • On the same website where you can find the IP of the server, you can also find the username and password you need to use in the setup.  Your username is the same as normally, but your PPTP/LT2P password is different. Copy it and add username and password to the setup.
  • Keep the rest of the settings as can be seen on the screenshot beneath.

DD-WRT LT2P setup and HideMyAss

As you have made these settings, save and and apply changes.  Do not forget to check on Security – VPN Passthrough that all protocols are allowed, using LT2P protocol, that is of course the most important one.

As you have done all this, saved your settings and applied them, visit Status – WAN, and if not already connected, press Connect, and hopefully it should now work and you are surfing the Internet using an IP address given by the server you just connected to using your router. Using this technology you can for example watch Netflix on your Xbox from abroad.

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