StrongVPN with new server in Switzerland

StrongVPN is for sure a strong VPN provider, and if speed is of the essence, this is one of the VPN providers to consider. Things are a bit complicated in the start and in the setup period, but if you know in what nation you need a VPN, and you need that constantly, StrongVPN is worth considering.

StrongVPN server in Switzerland

In the start of February StrongVPN added some new servers in the United States, then in the middle of the month they added a new server in Italy, and now on the last day of February they have added a new server in Switzerland. So, if you need an Italian IP address or maybe a Swiss IP address, you could of course consider StrongVPN. There are quite some VPN providers cheaper to use if you want IP in one of those nations, but StrongVPN is strong, so you could consider that as well!StrongVPN

Are you using StrongVPN? Satisfied, or any feedback worth sharing? Write a comment and let us know! If you want to know more about StrongVPN, read our StrongVPN review.

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