PureVPN introducing Internet Kill Switch and NAT Firewall

While many people use a VPN simply to get an IP address in some other nation, and in that way remove restrictions on websites, some people actually use VPN as a tool of securing their data and taking care of their privacy online. PureVPN has now taken some steps to make your Internet presence even safer.

Can you imagine sitting in an Internet cafe using a VPN. You just sit there, arrange with some payments, use your social media accounts and then suddenly you realized that you were disconnected from the VPN service a while ago. Now what? Your passwords may be at danger, and if someone nearby wanted to do you some harm, you just gave them the chance in the last minutes. Luckily that is where the Internet Kill Switch from PureVPN comes to help.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill SwitchTo avoid the problem described above the Internet Kill Switch does something brilliant. In the very moment it realizes that your VPN connection has gone down, it will kill your Internet connection as well, making it impossible to surf. In that way it guarantees that all your activity online will be done encrypted and behind your safe VPN walls, and no activity will pass by outside that safe shelter.

If you already have a PureVPN subscription this is a function that can easily be turned on. Go to Settings, Security and activate the Internet Kill Switch!

[stextbox id=”info”]The Internet Kill Switch has been there for a while, so it is not brand new. Doesn’t really matter though if it is new or not, the important is that it can be extremely useful![/stextbox]

NAT Firewall

The NAT Firewall is a brand new function with PureVPN. If you want to use it you will have to pay a fee of about 3 USD extra a month. What a NAT Firewall does is that it protects you against unrequested incoming traffic, from possible hackers and intruders. As you use a VPN intruders and evil-doers can sometimes send packages in the direction of the IP addresses you use, and since all traffic is encrypted, your operating system can not recognize and protect you against such incoming packages. That is why the NAT Firewall can be very useful, and bring you extra protection against unrequested incoming traffic when using a VPN.

[stextbox id=”info”]The NAT Firewall is very useful, and it might be worth the 3 USD a month, at least if you use your VPN all the time. VyprVPN includes the NAT Firewall in their PRO and Premier subscription, but the total prices are still higher than PureVPN, even after adding the NAT Firewall function.[/stextbox]

If you want to try PureVPN yourself and get a subscription, just click the box below and get your VPN subscription up and running in seconds!

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