Stagnation among the rebase tokens (Results between February 9th and February 16th)

It is with great expectation every week that we wait for the Wednesday to arrive. What has happened with our rebase-token experiment since last week? Of course, we do have a feeling about what we will see, but it is always interesting to see the actual numbers and whether or not the different tokens have Read More

When you thought it couldn’t get worse -> The rebase-token battle results from week seven of the experiment!

It has been seven weeks since we started our experiment with different rebase tokens and we had never ever imagined that it would be as catastrophic as it has turned out to be (so far). If we look at the overall stats, the best performing token is HectorDAO, and including all the rebase awards, the Read More

Why I would be careful investing in FortressDAO!

Have you read about FortressDAO, an OHM fork/clone running on the Avalanche blockchain? Would you like to invest and get rich quickly? Have you seen their amazing APY which is currently higher than 10,000,000%? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, there are several other platforms operating in the same way, for Read More