HectorFinance was the biggest gainer last week, while Wonderland was the biggest loser!

We are still paying close attention to all the rebase tokens and the coming weeks and months will be extremely interesting. Can they manage to turn the negative spiral into something positive? All the tokens have fallen to extreme levels (in a negative sense), but the last weeks have shown some signs of a positive Read More

Stagnation among the rebase tokens (Results between February 9th and February 16th)

It is with great expectation every week that we wait for the Wednesday to arrive. What has happened with our rebase-token experiment since last week? Of course, we do have a feeling about what we will see, but it is always interesting to see the actual numbers and whether or not the different tokens have Read More

A good week for HectorFinance, FantOhm, [REDACTED], Invictus, OlympusDAO, and Gyro -> The battle of the rebase tokens (January 27-February 2)

The period between January 13th and January 27th was quite catastrophic for all the rebase tokens, and to be honest since we started our experiment on December 8th, it has been a rollercoaster heading downwards (most of the time). We have seen lots of changes along the way, and just a few days ago, PapaDAO Read More