How to buy UST and how to earn interest with UST on Anchor Protocol on the Avalanche blockchain?

Have you heard about Anchor Protocol? Have you heard about the fact that you can get an interest of almost 20% by depositing your UST stable coin to the platform? Isn’t that just awesome? Anchor Protocol was first launched on the Terra blockchain, but in March 2022, it was also made available on the Avalanche Read More

The best platforms/projects for passive income in crypto in 2022!

Before we start, this is not financial advice, and we clearly want to state that. Do you know why? As we wrote a similar article in 2021, our advice was mostly crappy, at least if you followed a couple of our suggestions. Does that make us bad investors? Maybe! But, I guess lots of other Read More

Vector Finance, Echidna Finance, and Yield Yak = The Platypus Wars is on!

We have followed Platypus Finance very closely since the launch of the platform, and it just seems to get more and more interesting. More and more projects are interested in using Platypus Finance to boost the rewards of their own users, and this is absolutely heading in the direction of what will be known as Read More

What makes the PTP token so attractive to hold (Platypus Finance)?

Platypus Finance is an innovative platform built on Avalanche, ideal for swapping one stablecoin to another, and ideal for storing and staking your stablecoins in order to enjoy high interest rates. But, what makes it so interesting? And what is the deal with the PTP token making it so interesting? We have already written an Read More

What is Platypus Finance? How does it work? Platypus Wars (aka Curve Wars) – What does the future hold?

There are lots of promising projects that you hear about in the world of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. You also hear about projects with no future and with a lack of potential. When we first read about Platypus Finance and discovered the platform, it made us extremely bullish. Why? It has great potential! Why Read More