Is Solana or BSC the best chain for STEPN? Where should I buy my STEPN sneakers?

Are you about to start your STEPN journey? Are you going to buy your first sneaker today? Have you noticed that STEPN can be used on both Solana and Binance Smart Chain (two different blockchains)? In July 2022, a third blockchain will become available as well, giving you one more option to choose from. Which Read More

Different earning strategies in STEPN… Which to choose?

When people look at STEPN at first glimpse, it is easy to think that everything is about having high efficiency and maxing out your GST earnings. But, if you keep on reading this article, you will soon understand that this isn’t the only earning strategy in STEPN. Who knows, maybe this article will make you Read More

How is the tempo/speed influencing GST payouts in STEPN? Is there an ideal speed for the Trainer sneaker?

STEPN has four kinds of sneakers and these all have different optimal speed settings. The walker is ideal for those moving between 1km/hr and 6km/hr, while the jogger is for those moving between 4km/hr and 10km/hr. The runner is for those moving between 8km/hr and 20km/hr, while the trainer is for those moving between 1km/hr Read More

What is STEPN? How to earn with STEPN? How to activate your account, and buy your first sneaker? The ultimate STEPN starter-guide!

STEPN is the name of a play-to-earn concept that will help you earn while moving your body. In simple words, you are paid to either walk or run. But, it is a bit more complicated than that. In this guide, we will give you lots of information about STEPN; what it is all about, how Read More