Two major sports events coming up (that no-one speak of)

The summer of 2017 is a fantastic one, but there will be two major sports events taking place this summer, that very few people actually know about.

There will be no FIFA World Cup and no Summer Olympics this summer. But, instead there will be a Swimming World Championship and there will also be a European Championship in football. Maybe you think we have mixed the years, after all the UEFA Euro was arranged in 2016. That is true, but the truth is that it will be arranged in 2017, only this time for women. And it is going to be one fantastic event, and for lots of the matches all tickets are already sold out. We know that football for women is living in the big shadows of male football, but still, this is absolutely worth watching if you like watching sports, football and nice looking women at the same time. This event will be arranged between July 16th and August 6th in the Netherlands.

UEFA Euro 2017 event summer 2017

The other event is the FINA World Championship. This is the aquatics world championship, and it will be arranged in Hungary in July. During the Summer Olympics swimming is one of the most popular competitions, so why not turn your head towards Hungary to watch the swimming championships. The event will be arranged from July 14th till July 30th.

Did we catch your attention with any of these events? You can find out more about the events and how to watch them online using the links beneath.

Have a wonderful summer, and keep coming back to the IP Address Guide for more interesting and important news.

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