How to watch The Blacklist on from abroad?

Season 2 of The Blacklist has just been launched and for those who worried, Raymond Reddington is still doing well and going strong. Season 1 of The Blacklist was just added to Netflix, so if you want to watch that entire season, find out how to watch Netflix from abroad in our article.

But, if you are finished with The Blacklist season 1 and want to watch the new episodes of The Blacklist as they are added to, then that can be done very easily and you can then watch The Blacklist season 2, episode by episode, as they are added to The solution is to bypass the geo-block used by This means that they check your location before you press the play button, and if they find out that you are located outside the USA, they will simply give you an error message, or not let the movie start (or you will hear a ladies voice telling you through the loudspeakers that “this content is currently unavailable.”

Blacklist on using VPN
Watching The Blacklist season 2, episode 2, on using a VPN

Watch The Blacklist at

To bypass this problem and to be able to watch The Blacklist yourself, you will need to get yourself an American IP address. There are lots of ways in which you can get that, but the way we prefer to do it, is by using a VPN provider. Which VPN provider you choose is kind of up to yourself. We normally use either IPVanish, PureVPN, HideMyAss or VyprVPN for this purpose, but exactly which provider we choose is kind of random. HideMyAss is the biggest provider, so if you want a VPN provider with servers in lots of countries worldwide, go for then. PureVPN has the cheapest 12 month package, so if you want a VPN provider that you can use for a longer period of time, go for them. VyprVPN is absolutely high on security and they own all servers themselves, so if privacy is important, go for them. IPVanish is simply stable, good and with reasonable prices, so they can also be an option. Got your confused? Not so important. Press the links above to read the reviews, and go for the VPN provider that sounds the most reasonable and nice to you. If you go for the one with the cheapest one month subscription, the answer is IPVanish, as they currently run a 20% off on all their packages, meaning you can get a one month subscription for the price of 8 USD. With PureVPN and VyprVPN that is about 10 USD and with HideMyAss you will have to pay 11,52 USD.


Go ahead and enjoy. To read more about other VPN providers click the link in the menu. If you want to know the basics of what a VPN connection is, read it here.

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