Watch Under 21 European Championship matches live on the Internet

The European Championship in Israel is going on at the moment and if you want to watch any of the matches live on the Internet it can easily be done.

Currently there is one leg left of the group matches, followed by the semi finals and then of course the great final. The amazing thing is that Rai Sport in Italy broadcast all these matches live on their Internet page, making it possible to watch them from all over the world, at least if you have an Italian IP adress. Luckily it is easy to get hold of an Italian IP adresse, in fact all you need to do is to make a subscription to HideMyAss, and once you have done that, download their program and connect to one of their servers in Italy. Within a few minutes from now you will then be able to surf the Internet like a local Italian and watch all live content from Rai Sport on your computer or tablet from wherever you are in the world. Again this means that you do not have to miss any of the matches played by your favorite team during the U21 Euro Championship in Israel in 2013.

If you try to watch the Rai Sport live stream without an Italian IP address you will get the following error message:

Rai Sport error message
Rai Sport error message

However, if you make a subscription to HideMyAss, download their software and connect to one of their servers in Italy you will be able to watch pictures such as this one.

European Championshop Under 21
Watch all matches live on Rai Sport from U21 Euro Championship

Ready to try it yourself? Visit HideMyAss and RaiSport, and enjoy all Euro U21 matches today. If you are not satisfied HideMyAss offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


2 thoughts on “Watch Under 21 European Championship matches live on the Internet

  1. Fifen Alassa says:

    I am very glad to discover this link which is going to allow me to watch Italian soccer free of charge from rai sport every where I will be.

  2. Vladi says:

    Working great… only wish the Italians would play a little bit better. At least they play better than the English team! 🙂

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