False accusations against NordVPN

If your business is active in an area in which there is great competition, what is the best way to make your business shine? By throwing dirt at the others. At least this is the best method according to some.

I do not agree with that, because the best way to make your business and your product stand out in the crowd, is by making it the very best of them all. But, if you don’t have a great product, but still want to sell a lot, then you start throwing dirt instead. And yes, that is what has happened to NordVPN.

Accusations against NordVPN
Has NordVPN been accused of things they haven’t done? – Source: Pixabay

In their recent blog-post, NordVPN has written a whole lot about false accusations against them. According to their article, they have been the victim of a “throw-dirt” campaign arranged by another VPN provider. The accusations are about NordVPN selling data, selling IP addresses, and operating in a way similar to Hola, maybe the worst of all VPN providers on the market.

HolaVPN is a “free VPN”, which means you do not have to pay for the service. But, it isn’t really a VPN at all, it leaves your data at risk, and your information can be sold and leaked to whoever is interested. It is no wonder why no serious person interesting in online security would ever consider using HolaVPN. HolaVPN is free, but it will cost you your freedom and privacy.

How did Hola VPN get connected to NordVPN?

As people got fed up with the services of Hola VPN and uninstalled it, they were recommended to use NordVPN instead. NordVPN had a referral relationship to Hola VPN, just like they have with the IP Address Guide and hundreds of other bloggers and websites online.

The ones accusing NordVPN has used the referral relationship to call it a partnership, and thus relate NordVPN to any accusations made against Hola VPN. Now, that is crap. Can you imagine someone accusing Coca-Cola of fraud, simply because one of the shops selling Coca-Cola is cheating on their tax payments?

It is an interesting story to follow, and I suggest you read the full article on the NordVPN website. If you are out there looking for a VPN provider to use, NordVPN might be a good option for you. But, there are several other good VPN providers as well on the market, and you can read more about some of the most famous VPN providers right here.

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