How can I watch Nations League online?

Nations League is the name of a brand new concept in the European football world. Instead of playing friendly matches, a new league system has been made, in which nations play against one another, and the winner of the different leagues will automatically qualify for the European Championship in 2020.

I truly like the Nations League concept, as it gives the nations something to fight for, even when there isn’t an active qualification for a World Cup or European Championship going on. Starting on September 6th, the nations of Europe have been divided into different leagues (based on their FIFA ranking), and they will play against teams ranked quite similar to their own. The winners of the different groups will qualify for the knockout stage (starting with semi-finals), and the winner of the final will automatically qualify for the European championship in 2020.

How to watch the Nations League online?
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How to watch Nations League online?

There are local TV stations in all nations across Europe broadcasting the matches online. They will not show all matches, but the local TV stations will broadcast the matches they consider to be most interesting and important. If you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN you can get an IP address in the different nations mentioned here, and thus you can watch free live streams of the matches broadcasted by the TV stations mentioned here in their given nations.

Nations League broadcasting rights

If you use ExpressVPN, you can connect to a server in the following nations to watch the Nations League matches on the following TV channels.

In some of these nations, there will be pay-TV stations broadcasting some matches as well, but all Nations League matches broadcasted on the mentioned channels can be watched for free online.

When will there be played Nations League matches? What are the groups league?

Nations League match dates

Matchday 1: 6–8 September 2018
Matchday 2: 9–11 September 2018
Matchday 3: 11–13 October 2018
Matchday 4: 14–16 October 2018
Matchday 5: 15–17 November 2018
Matchday 6: 18–20 November 2018
Finals: 5–9 June 2019

This means that we will have some fantastic days in September, October, and November in which there will be football matches to watch with the nations of Europe playing six days in a row! What an autumn!

Nations League groups

Highest ranked teams:

Group A1: Germany, France, Netherlands
Group A2: Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland
Group A3: Portugal, Italy, Poland
Group A4: Spain, England, Croatia

Second group level:

Group B1: Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic
Group B2: Russia, Sweden, Turkey
Group B3: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland
Group B4: Wales, Republic of Ireland, Denmark

Third group level:

Group C1: Scotland, Albania, Israel
Group C2: Hungary, Greece, Finland, Estonia
Group C3: Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus
Group C4: Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania

Fourth group level:

Group D1: Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra
Group D2: Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova, San Marino
Group D3: Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo
Group D4: FYR Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar

The action will start on September 6th, and on the first day, we can see a match between France and Germany. The first was the winner of the World Cup 2018, while the latter was the greatest disappointment of the tournament. How will this end?

Are you looking forward to the Nations League as well? Enjoy watching the matches online. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field!

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