HectorFinance was the biggest gainer last week, while Wonderland was the biggest loser!

We are still paying close attention to all the rebase tokens and the coming weeks and months will be extremely interesting. Can they manage to turn the negative spiral into something positive? All the tokens have fallen to extreme levels (in a negative sense), but the last weeks have shown some signs of a positive trend that might be around the corner. It is not OlympusDAO leading the troops, instead, it is HectorFinance which finally seems to receive some well-deserved positive price gains.

You might wonder why Hector Finance is the number one token among the rebase tokens, but if you have paid attention to the project, it isn’t hard to understand. The developers and the team is working extremely hard, and since February, they have actually made the circulating supply decrease with more than 500,000 tokens. As a result, this is one of extremely few actually deflationary tokens on the market. Last week, Hector Finance experienced a 30% growth, and this week, they have had a 37% growth so far. Last week’s champion, KlimaDAO seems to consolidate and has had a 3% growth in the last week.

rebase tokens in the end of march 2022

As you can see above, Hector Finance had the biggest gains last week, but they were closely followed by FantOHM, REDACTED, and Invictus. The most interesting thing here is that FantOHM is the only rebase token still operating with giant APY. The team itself claims that they have everything in order and they are soon to launch their very own stable coin as well. Who knows? Can FantOHM prove that the concept with giant APY doesn’t have to be a failure after all?

Wonderland was the only protocol to end in minus the last week. This is mostly due to the rage quit in which people could swap their wMEMO for MIM stable coin at a set price. Since then, the project is in a “restart” phase, meaning that they will try to take the crumbs left and build it once again. Who knows what will happen now, but at least they have said goodbye to their past and they will do a new attempt at starting it somehow all over. Will they succeed?

The best performers overall

It looked very nice with a 70% increase for KlimaDAO last week, but if you look at the chart below, you can still see that the project is in a giant minus compared to the value of our initial investment.

value since initial investment

As you can see above, KLIMA is still in a minus of 88%. The only token performing worse is WAGMI which probably makes a lot of investors feel like NGMI (not gonna make it). If you look above, it can also be seen that Hector Finance is in a 43% minus so far, but still performing way better than the others. The nearest competitors are Invictus and FantOHM, but it is important to know that those projects only entered the experiment in January, one month after Hector Finance (which by then had already had a giant price fallback), meaning that Hector Finance is clearly outperforming all the other tokens right now (and has since the start of the project).

Would you like to see how the tokens have moved since the start? Check the chart below.

performance since start

There are lots of negative curves to be seen above, but let us hope that the last weeks and the positive trend for Hector Finance will also impact the market and the other rebase tokens in a positive way.

Bye bye FortressDAO

We have also removed FortressDAO from our rebase token experiment right now. They have stopped with the rebase rewards and the project is what can be said over. If you still have FORT tokens, unstake them from the website and just sell them, as there is no reason to hold them anymore!

Are you positive about the future for the different rebase tokens? Are you still buying, or are you just holding because you are stubborn and do not want to sell with a loss? Which projects are you bullish about? Write a comment and let us hear from you!

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