How to See Video Streaming Locked by a Geo-Block?

Have you ever been annoyed as you wanted to legally watch a TV show online or buy and download a film, but you couldn’t because the program was only available to people in a certain nation in the world. It doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

geo-blockThere are many VPN services available on the Internet and these offer Virtual Private Networks connecting you to a server in another nation. As you connect to such a service you will receive a new IP address and virtually reside in another country. This will solve the problem with geo-blocks and in minutes all Internet sites might believe that you actually reside in the USA (when really is that you sit somewhere completely else).

The challenge is though that there is a big difference between the VPN tools and the speed they offer differ from service to service and from nation to nation.

Two of the most famous VPN tools online is HideMyAss and StrongVPN. HideMyAss is much easier to use and get started with, but when it comes to speed they are very much the same. Still, in some nations you will get far better speeds with StrongVPN than with HideMyAss and in other cases the opposite. That is why it can be useful to look for information about server speeds before deciding what VPN tool to use.

Using Norway as an example
The Norwegian state TV channel NRK is locked with a geo-block making it available only to people with Norwegian IP address. With HideMyAss and StrongVPN you can easily get a Norwegian IP address, but… once connected to the servers you will soon understand that StrongVPN has far better speeds than HideMyAss.

If you connect to the servers in the Netherlands these services have very similar services so then it doesn’t really matter what product you choose and go for.

Increase your security online
One of the bonuses as you use a VPN service online is not only that you get a local IP address, but the fact that your connection will be encrypted in most situations. The result is that you can surf freely on open WiFi networks all across the world without fearing that people will steal your passwords and confidential information that you send across the web. The reality is that such a VPN tool can be useful even if you do not need an IP address in another country. It is great to use simply because of the increased security of your information online.

Want to try one? Our favorite service is HideMyAss. Visit their website and make a subscription clicking the link!

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