Is HideMyAss safe to use in 2020?

Are you doing some background research on HideMyAss before you purchase a subscription? Are you worried about whether this is a safe VPN provider to use or not? Or have you heard rumors of HideMyAss being a scam? Here I will answer all your questions about whether or not HideMyAss is a safe VPN provider to use in 2020!

First of all, HideMyAss is not a scam. It is the property of a real company named Privax in the UK, and they have thousands and thousands of existing customers. They have been in business for a very long time (it was founded back in 2005), and since then, it has also become a member of the Avast family. As you can understand, HideMyAss is not a company that is run from a cellar somewhere in the jungle, but this is a real company with real offices and with a real address.

The fact that Privax is a registered company in the United Kingdom should also serve as comfort if you are worried. We normally trust companies in the west, while we are more worried about things that originate from the east. However, that is a stupid stereotype, so you shouldn’t think much about that.

Jack the Donkey has been around for 15 years.
Jack the Donkey is the mascot of HideMyAss

Why is HideMyAss safe to use in 2020?

First of all, HideMyAss keeps you safe. That is what a VPN is all about, encrypting your online activities. So, the correct question might actually be whether it is safe NOT TO USE HideMyAss in 2020. The web is packed with sniffers and hackers, meaning that your privacy is at risk when you surf without a VPN.

But, when you visit the HideMyAss website, you will quickly notice that you are protected by their 30-day full refund policy. This in itself should serve as a good guarantee. And based on experience, this is a protection that actually works. If you don’t like the service, ask for a refund, and you will get your money back! This is a number one proof of the fact that HideMyAss isn’t a scam either. They are not there to steal your money, they are simply there to earn your trust, and later, to receive payments for a service that you like!


You can visit the HideMyAss website by clicking the button above.

HideMyAss has some of the best download speeds among all the VPN providers on the market. This is something we just tested in a recent speed test. Their application looks really nice and they have them available for all the popular platforms. It is easy to handle, and you can easily connect to the fastest server near your location, or you can connect to servers in other countries in order to bypass geo-blocks and surf encrypted.

If your goal is to surf encrypted, HideMyAss is a 100% good selection in 2020. If your goal is to bypass geo-blocks, HideMyAss is a good provider, but there are other VPN providers able to unblock many more streaming services than HideMyAss is capable of. This is something worth taking into consideration before you purchase a subscription.

  • HideMyAss is capable of unblocking BBC and ITV in the UK (as of January 2020).
  • HideMyAss is capable of unblocking lots of local TV channels in different nations.
  • HideMyAss is able to give you access to German Netflix, but that is all the success we had in using HideMyAss with Netflix.
  • HideMyAss is blocked by popular streaming sites such as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

These are just some examples of HideMyAss and its streaming abilities. If you want to know more about which VPN is worth using with Netflix, or how to watch Amazon Prime abroad, click one of the links.

HideMyAss and protecting your privacy and safety

There is one more aspect of safety that should be considered when you consider HideMyAss. They are located in the UK which should make you feel safe and worried at the same time. They are located in an EU country and they are operating under EU laws and regulations. That is why they log more of your activities than other VPN providers do, meaning that they do log your original IP address and your VPN IP address, timestamps and more.

This shouldn’t matter for those people just out there to stay safe and surfing encrypted. But, if you are worried about being caught by your ISP or local authorities because you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, HideMyAss is most likely not the VPN to use.

The data stored by HideMyAss is deleted after thirty days.

Conclusion about the safety of HideMyAss in 2020

If you are a hobby user who just wants a VPN to keep you safe online, this is a perfect solution. They have blazing speeds and a very nice application. They are seated in the UK and it is a real company that can be taken seriously. The fact that they have been around for 15 years is also a good sign.

However, if it is crucial for you to use a VPN provider with a strict no-logging policy, then you should probably look into some other VPN providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN instead.

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