Netflix started their fight against region changing

For a long time it seemed as if Netflix did not really care about the thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of people out there using region changers to gain access to Netflix content in other nations and regions. We wrote an article on region changing recently as well, but the question is for how long that article will remain valid, especially now that Netflix has entered the ring and is ready to fight VPN and SmartDNS providers all around the globe.

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We have done big testing today using the VPN services of HideMyAss and PureVPN and also testing the services of two different SmartDNS providers, but so far everything has been working for us as we jumped between Netflix regions using these services. But, based on rumors on the Internet it seems as if customers using for example Unblock-Us has been mostly blocked out from Netflix and that they are not able to switch Netflix regions anymore. PureVPN has claimed on their website that their users can not watch Netflix at the moment with their public IPs, but if you buy a dedicated IP from PureVPN you will still be able to watch Netflix in the USA from wherever you are in the world. But, as we simply used their VPN services and connected to a server in the USA we had no problem watching Netflix still.

Based on this we see that it is still very easy and possible to change your Netflix region, but it can also be said that Netflix has entered the ring and with such a giant entering the ring it is very possible that all other people trying to be present in the ring together with Netflix will suffer from a knock-out. But, since many of the companies presently offering VPN services and SmartDNS live and survive because of thousands of users using their services to watch Netflix we are also sure that these minor providers will be so small that they will remain unseen by Netflix, and thus able to stay in the ring and keep their services up and going!

We will keep you up to date on Netflix and their fight against VPNs and SmartDNS’s. Please write a comment if you have any experience to share, problems or maybe questions!

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