PureVPN and refunds

PureVPN and refund policyPureVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market, and they are very popular with lots of new subscribers coming every single day. All big businesses receive complaints from customers, but there are still providers that have more wind in the complaining sails than others. One such is PureVPN.

If you compare PureVPN with providers such as IPVanish and HideMyAss, they only have a three day 100% refund policy (IPVanish has a seven day policy and HideMyAss has a 30 day policy). In addition PureVPN only gives you a full refund if you have used less than 500mb of bandwidth (HideMyAss has a 10gb bandwidth limit). So, just looking at the pure information they do not have the best refund policy, but still, they would not need to have one at all, but they do, meaning that if you sign up and find out that this is not for you (which you normally do within 2-3 hours), then you still have the chance for a refund.

PureVPN takes some steps in good direction

We are not sure if is based on amount of complaints, but PureVPN is making it even easier now to request a refund. If you are in the three day period after signing up, and you are not satisfied, and you have used less than 500mb of bandwidth, then you have the chance to request a refund and cancel your subscription. This can easily be done online, as they make this possible at their website.

  • Login at the PureVPN website
  • Click My Services
  • Click the Product Details for your subscription
  • At the bottom of the page you can find the ‘Request cancellation” button.
  • You have now started the refund process, and hopefully you will be successful in it!

Want to try PureVPN? Visit their website, or read our PureVPN review.PureVPN

One thought on “PureVPN and refunds

  1. Thomas Stein says:

    Just noticed that in the original version of the post I wrote that PureVPN has a refund policy valid for three days if you have used less than 500GB of bandwidth. It was one minor error, which still means a lot, because it is not 500GB of bandwidth, but 500MB of bandwidth, meaning that if you complain within three days and have used less than 500MB of bandwidth, then you can get your money back.

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