I bought the TIME, HEC, SPA, and JADE on the top! Will I ever be in profit?

There are lots of investors coming to the cryptomarket all the time, and sometimes you are lucky with your timing, and other times, well – you are not lucky. If you bought your first OlympusDAO tokens in August, or some Wonderland (TIME) tokens in September, you were lucky. But, if you bought your Wonderland or Read More

TIME vs. OHM vs. HEC vs. BTRFLY vs. GYRO vs. SPA vs. KLIMA vs. WAGMI vs. FHM vs. MAG – Which is the best project? Where to invest? Background information and a real-time experiment!

There are so many OlympusDAO forks available. Many of them are legitimate, while other forks are scams. In this article, I have tried to gather eleven OlympusDAO forks that seem to be legit with an actual group of developers working on the platform. There are, of course, no guarantees of anything, but in this article, Read More

My first impression of Jade Protocol – Should you invest?

I recently received a question from one of the visitors coming to the IP Address Guide. The person wondered about whether he/she should invest in Jade Protocol or not and wanted to hear my thoughts on the platform. At that time, I didn’t really know anything about the ade Protocol, but since then I have Read More