This just gets uglier and uglier! The rebase token battle (February 23rd – March 2nd)

Every single week we are publishing reports about the status of our rebase-token battle/experiment. Truth be told, it is a quite depressing experiment, not only because the numbers are bad, but because it feels as if people are forgetting more about the rebase tokens and it feels as if this was a trend that people Read More

A good week for HectorFinance, FantOhm, [REDACTED], Invictus, OlympusDAO, and Gyro -> The battle of the rebase tokens (January 27-February 2)

The period between January 13th and January 27th was quite catastrophic for all the rebase tokens, and to be honest since we started our experiment on December 8th, it has been a rollercoaster heading downwards (most of the time). We have seen lots of changes along the way, and just a few days ago, PapaDAO Read More

TIME vs. OHM vs. HEC vs. BTRFLY vs. GYRO vs. SPA vs. KLIMA vs. WAGMI vs. FHM vs. MAG – Which is the best project? Where to invest? Background information and a real-time experiment!

There are so many OlympusDAO forks available. Many of them are legitimate, while other forks are scams. In this article, I have tried to gather eleven OlympusDAO forks that seem to be legit with an actual group of developers working on the platform. There are, of course, no guarantees of anything, but in this article, Read More

The four best cryptocurrencies (OlympusDAO forks) worth buying in December 2021!

Would you like to buy some cryptocurrencies for Christmas? Would you like them to be a nice present for yourself or maybe for one of your friends or a family member? Which cryptocurrencies should you buy? Have you heard about OlympusDAO (OHM)? Have you heard about all the so-called descendants of OlympusDAO, all promising you Read More

How can I buy $WAGMI and stake them on Euphoria (Harmony blockchain)?

Yesterday, I wrote an article dealing with how you can purchase $HEC tokens and stake them in HectorDAO on the Fantom blockchain. Today I would like to share with you another article in which I will describe how you can buy $WAGMI tokens and stake them on the Euphoria platform (which is available on the Read More