The Fastest VPN in Poland – a 2019 Speed Test!

Which is the fastest VPN provider in Poland? Which VPN provider should you choose if speed is of the essence and very important? We have tested seven different VPN providers with servers in Poland, and here you can read all the results, and watch the recording of the actual speed tests to see it with your own eyes.

We are never able to guarantee you great download speeds with any VPN provider on the market. But, we do our uttermost at giving you a chance to decide for yourself, not just based on a VPN site that always recommend the same VPN provider, but by doing objective speed tests in which the results will decide the winner, and not the “preferred” VPN provider of the actual site. So, here you can see the results of our recent Polish VPN speed test, and also see the recording of the speed test itself.

The fastest VPN providers in Poland

Are you ready to see the full list of download speeds and the different VPN providers? Read on!

The fastest VPN providers in Poland

VPN providerDownload Speed
Cyberghost VPN259 Mbps
ExpressVPN234 Mbps
PureVPN227 Mbps
IvacyVPN200 Mbps
NordVPN159 Mbps
PrivateVPN133 Mbps
Surfshark VPN51 Mbps

You can visit the websites of the top three VPN providers in this test by clicking the links above. As you can see, Cyberghost VPN won the fastest VPN award in this test, and I can also tell you that they just won our speed test for the fastest VPN in the Czech Republic. In other words, this might be a good solution if you need a VPN in any of these countries!

It is worth mentioning that all the VPN providers in this test performed well. Even Surfshark VPN with its 51Mbps download speed should be considered good, after all, you can easily stream and download anything with such a speed.

What to think about the Polish VPN speed test?

To be honest, you can just pick any of these VPN providers and use them, as they all have nice speeds. It is important to know that the VPN download speeds are heavily influenced by the amount of users, so if you use the VPN during rush hour, it might influence it in a negative way, while using a VPN during “off-peak” hours, might have a good influence. But, the true measure of a good VPN provider is offering great speeds, even during the busy hours of the day.

Do you have any experience using VPN providers in Poland? Do you have a favorite VPN provider you use to get a Polish IP address? We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, recommendations, or maybe read your experience as you write a comment in the comment field.

Want to know more about the different VPN services?

Would you like to know more about Cyberghost VPN? Do not forget to read our detailed Cyberghost review which can be found here. Would you rather like to know more about PureVPN or ExpressVPN? Click the links to check out the detailed reviews of these VPN providers as well.

Do not forget this before purchasing a VPN subscription

You might know which VPN provider has the best download speeds in Poland by now. But, it is important to know that if your goal is to stream content online, that is to bypass geo-blocks, not all VPN providers will do the job for you. It might be that a VPN provider has delightful download speeds in Poland, but it will not help you unblock the biggest TV stations. Or maybe you want to watch Polish Netflix, but not many VPN providers will help you access Polish Netflix abroad.

That is why it is important to read around online before making a decision, and it is also important to use the refund policies coming with most VPN providers. These are very useful, as most VPN services will let you easily ask for a full refund of your money for as much as 30 days after the purchase. In other words, if you purchase a VPN subscription and it doesn’t do the job you want it to do, simply ask for a full refund and get your money back!

Good luck surfing with a Polish IP address using a VPN!

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