The fastest VPN in the Czech Republic – A 2019 Speed Test!

The Czech Republic is a beautiful nation with some amazing cities worth visiting. We all know that Prague is worth a visit, and so is Cesky Krumlov. But, which VPN provider should you use if you need an IP address in the Czech Republic? Which is the best and the fastest VPN provider in the Czech Republic? We have done a thorough speed test of seven different VPN providers, and here you will find the results!

The Czech Republic is a country of beauty, and you should definitely visit the nation once. But, for those who want to reside virtually in the Czech Republic, which VPN is the best? Should you use NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or maybe PureVPN? Or is there some other VPN provider you should use? We have tested seven different providers and here we will show you the speed test results, or you can watch the live recording of the speed test yourself!

It is important to know that we connect to default servers in the nations during these tests. By default, a VPN provider will automatically connect you to their best server in a country, meaning that we trust the applications to take us to the currently best working VPN servers in the different nations.

A recording of the VPN speed test in the Czech Republic

Would you like to see how we did the actual speed test and listen to the live commentating? Check the video beneath.

The fastest VPN services in the Czech Republic

Do you simply want to look at the results? Check the standings sheet beneath.

The fastest VPN providers in the Czech Republic in 2019

Here you can see the results, starting with the fastest and ending with the slowest provider.

VPN providerDownload Speed
Cyberghost VPN200 Mbps
NordVPN185 Mbps
Surfshark VPN93 Mbps
PureVPN88 Mbps
Private VPN78 Mbps
ExpressVPN49 Mbps
IvacyVPN19 Mbps

You will find links to the websites of the best three VPN providers in the table above. Click the links, visit their websites, and sign up for the VPN provider that you like the most (based on their prices, websites and more).

Some thoughts on the Czech Republic VPN speed test

IvacyVPN has won lots of prices for being the fastest VPN provider on the market, and we have also received some blazing IvacyVPN results during other speed tests. But, when it comes to the Czech Republic. they do not seem to be the ideal choice. Even though 20 Mbps might be a good download speed (in general), it isn’t good when you see that the fastest provider in the test gave us 10 times faster download speeds. That is a giant difference and worth paying attention to.

We just published another speed test as well dealing with the fastest VPN providers in Poland. Maybe it was’t a coincidence that Cyberghost VPN ended up as the fastest VPN provider in that test as well? Maybe they are especially good when it comes to nations in the Eastern Europe? We haven’t had such good speeds using their services in other nations, so it might has to do with Eastern Europe, or maybe coincidences that might be totally different if we do a new speed test in a day, a month or a year from now.

What are you going to use the VPN for?

Is your goal to get a Czech IP address which will let you surf quickly and encrypted online? Is this only a matter of online safety? Or do you want to use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and to watch CTV outside the Czech Republic? It is important to know why you need a VPN, as a VPN connection in itself doesn’t always solve all your problems.

Maybe you want to watch Amazon Prime in the USA using a VPN? Maybe you thought an American IP address is the solution. It might be, but not any American IP address. Most VPN providers are blocked by Amazon, and thus you need to read this article to find out which VPN provider to use if you want to stream Amazon Prime abroad.

In the same way, you might not be able to unblock all streaming sites in the Czech Republic using any VPN service. That is why you might want to look for other updated articles online, and also to remember that almost all VPN providers have 30-day money back guarantees. These come in very useful when you want to bypass geo-blocks! If the service doesn’t work, ask for your money back, and go ahead and try another VPN provider instead!

Or, you can simply write a comment here and ask your question before signing up, and we will do our best to share with you which VPN provider is recommended for the different streaming sites in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

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