Top three VPN providers 2013

best VPN providers 201It is the end of August now and for eight months we have been testing lots of VPN providers; download speeds, customer service, user friendliness of client and so on. Which are the best VPN services available on the market at the moment?

Before you read on it is essential to know that even though we have tested several VPN providers, we have not tested all of them. When testing a VPN provider we try to connect to as many servers as possible, but it happens that we do not try all servers in all nations. Therefore this test is not a guarantee that you will be satisfied and enjoy the services of the VPN providers listed, but we believe that in the majority of cases you as a user will be satisfied if you decide to use one of the three listed VPN providers.

Best VPN providers 2013

As you keep on reading you will see that this is not a list giving out a first, second and a third place. All three providers are winners, and then as you read on you will have to decide which of the three mentioned providers that you will go for.

Best VPN 2013: VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a VPN provider founded back in 2009. Their VPN client is easy to use and they have good follow up of customers. In addition to their VPN program for Windows, they also have great tools for iOS systems and Android systems. They have servers in 34 nations (they keep expanding all the time, so by the time you read this it might be many more). All packages have free bandwidth usage and a seven day money back guarantee. Instead of borring VPN servers from other companies, all servers used by VyprVPN is fully owned and run by them. They have three different packages, but the basic and the pro package should be more than enough for everyone.

Prices at the time of writing:
1 month basic: 9,99 USD
1 month pro: 8,33 USD
12 month basic: 6,67 USD
12 month pro: 8,33 USD

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Best VPN 2013: PureVPN

PureVPN has recently made some major changes to their services. This means that they have new prices, they have removed bandwidth limitations from their packages and thus it has become much easier both to sign up for their services and to get started. They now have servers in 22 nations (which is quite few compared to others), but in general it must be said that those servers in those 22 nations have great speeds, which makes it much easier to connect, and you do not need to disconnect from a server to try tons of other servers before you find a server with a pleasing speed in the nation you are interested in.

Prices at the time of writing:
1 month: 9.95USD (at the time of writing)
6 months: 44.95 USD (at the time of writing)
12 months: 49.95USD (at the time of writing)

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Best VPN 2013: HideMyAss

HideMyAss is a great service which offer IP addresses in about 50 nations. In each nation they have several servers, so you have loads of servers to choose between as you use HideMyAss. They do have some servers with slower speeds, meaning that you may have to connect and disconnect a few times before you find a server with satisfying speeds, but if you connect to a random server in that given nation, you will normally use the server with the best speeds and ping automatically, thus avoiding the mentioned problem. HideMyAss has great support, they keep they 30 day refund policy and their speeds are in general very good. HideMyAss does not have any bandwidth limitations.

Prices at the time of writing:
1 month: 9.99USD
6 months: 39.99 USD
12 months: 59.99USD

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For more information about the different providers, read our VyprVPN review, HideMyAss review and PureVPN review.

Do you have a favorite among the three VPN providers listed in our top three article? Or do you feel as if some other VPN provider should have been on this list, but it is not? Write a comment and let us hear what you think!

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    I use EzyVPN. I get 25mb/s which is pretty fast when using a VPN. Torrent friendly too and a good price? If you need a VPN, then look at EzyVPN.

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