Watch the Premier League with NordVPN, or watch NordVPN as you watch the Premier League?

A few days ago I was sitting in front of my TV watching a quite boring football match from the Premier League between Liverpool and Huddersfield. The match was great as Liverpool won 5-0, but it wasn’t that exciting as we all knew Liverpool would win the match. But, then I suddenly got a small surprise looking at the commercials located around the field on Anfield Road – what did I see? A giant NordVPN commercial!

Maybe you think VPN services is a little industry just used by a few people to bypass some geo-blocks. Well, you are completely wrong. Just imagine that someone actually has to pay for the bill to have a NordVPN commercial located on Anfield Road, showing up to millions of viewers worldwide as they watch the matches online and at their local TV stations. But, NordVPN isn’t only present at Anfield Road with commercial banners, they have even gone into a partnership with Liverpool, and created commercials in which the former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler tells how he is using NordVPN to stay safe online.

Robbie Fowler is using NordVPN to stay safe online…

If you know a little bit about football, you probably understand that this is a campain that costs the Panama based VPN provider a whole lot of money. And why is that important and interesting? Because it tells us something about the size and the importance of the VPN industry. It isn’t a small backyard business someone is running out of their room, but this is a serious business that deals with serious issues, and it might be worth considering a VPN subscription if you haven’t gotten hold of one yet.

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Yes, you can use NordVPN to watch the Premier League online. But, you can also watch NordVPN online as you watch Liverpool online. Isn’t that a cool combination?

The legendary Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler uses NordVPN to stay safe online!

The legendary Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler uses NordVPN to stay safe online!

How can you watch the Premier League online with NordVPN?

Did you know that you can actually use NordVPN to watch the Premier League online. If you have a Sky Sports subscription in the UK, or a BT Sport cable subscription, or maybe a NOW TV subscription, you can easily use NordVPN to watch and enjoy these TV channels abroad by connecting to a NordVPN server in England.

You can also use NordVPN to watch the Premier League on Hotstar in India, a much cheaper way to watch the Premier League online, and maybe the only streaming platform that will let you stream EVERY SINGLE Premier League match online with English speaking commentators.

Don’t feel satisfied yet? NordVPN is the solution if you want to stream FuboTV in the USA online, and thus get access to all the best of sports in the world (not only football) online. Since the service is available in the USA only, you will need to use NordVPN to get an American IP address which again will let you watch the Premier League matches online on FuboTV.

Will Liverpool win the Premier League this season?

I do believe the NordVPN staff will cheer for Liverpool to win the Premier League, but it doesn’t seem very likely. There are two matches left to be played in the Premier League this season, and Liverpool has a tougher schedule than their opponent Manchester City, and they are one point behind Manchester City before the final two matches will be played.

Liverpool will start with an away match against Newcastle, a team capable of playing fantastic football on their best days. Their final match will be against Wolves at Anfield Road. Wolverhampton has a great season behind them, and they are also capable of causing trouble for many teams in the Premier League as they play.

Manchester City will start at home against Leicester, a team that is like a rollercoaster when it comes to performance. But, they are a good team, but they shouldn’t be capable of causing too much trouble for Guardiola and his disciples in Manchester City as they play at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on May 6th. The last match for Manchester City in this years Premier League will be against Brighton on Amex Stadium in Falmar. This should be an easy win, but if the pressure is on the Manchester City players and they get a bit scared, this might get interesting, no matter what!

Manchester City are the big favorites to win the Premier League, and both City and Liverpool have been winning lots of matches in a row lately. It will be interesting, and let us not forget that Liverpool will also play against Barcelona twice in this period (in the Champions League semi-finals), while Manchester City will be at home preparing for their final Premier League matches.

Do you want to watch the Premier League matches online? Or do you want to do like Liverpool and choose NordVPN as your Internet security provider? Visit the NordVPN website by clicking the button above and sign up for their services.

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