Best VPN in Russia

Best VPN in RussiaRussia is a nation with more than 140 million inhabitants, and that means there are millions of people there in need of a VPN provider to secure their Internet connection. But, which VPN provider should you use in Russia? In this article we will tell you what we believe is the best VPN provider in Russia, based on personal experience and speed tests.

If you are looking for a VPN in Russia, the reason is probably that you want to secure your Internet connection, so that you can freely surf and check your email and pay your bills online, also as you use open wireless networks. In general these are activities that are dangerous, because in open networks people with some skills can easily steal your private data, but if you use a VPN provider you data will be encrypted and you can safely do all the activities you would like to do.

Maybe you are in Russia on a holiday and need encryption, or maybe you live in Russia on a permanent basis and want to hide your online activity, encrypt it or maybe for some other reason? Another common reason is if you live abroad and need a Russian IP address, then a VPN in Russia is the solution as well.

Best VPN in Russia

As we wrote this article we tested several VPN providers with servers available in Russia. We connected to their servers several times and measured their download speeds. After all there is nothing as frustrating as connecting to a VPN server somewhere only to find out that the server is super slow and it takes ages to open even the smallest website. In general all the VPN providers we tested scored fairly well, but there were some differences, giving us a winner, two providers in the second place and one ending up in the fourth place.

Fourth best VPN in Russia

HideMyAss is one of our general favorites as a VPN provider, but during our tests on their service in Russia we only got download speeds between 2Mbps and 3,5Mbps. This isn’t that bad, and with such speeds you can easily surf the net and do most thing, but streaming media and more demanding content might suffer from such speeds.

Second best VPN in Russia

Since we have two providers sharing the second spot, there is no third place this time. During our tests IPVanish and PureVPN scored quite the same giving us download speeds around 5Mbps. That is more than enough for most activities online, so if you have a subscription with one of these providers, do not think of changing. IPVanish is also a good provider with servers in more than 40 other nations, so a very good option if you want a VPN provider with servers in lots of nations in addition to Russia.

Best VPN in Russia

During our tests the provider that gave us the very best speeds in Russia was VyprVPN. We once had a download speed of 5Mbps and the next time we tried we got download speeds exceeding 10Mbps. Therefore if speed is of the essence, currently our best suggestion is to go for VyprVPN and make them your VPN provider in Russia.

[stextbox id=”update” caption=”Need a Russia VPN for a long period of time?”]If you are looking for a one month subscription VyprVPN is for sure the provider to choose. However, if you need a VPN provider for a longer period of time, let us say 3, 6 or 12 months or more, you can save quite a lot of money using either IPVanish or PureVPN (compared to VyprVPN). Take a look at the Russian VPN price comparison for more information.[/stextbox]

Russian VPN price comparison

1 month3 months6 months12 months
VyprVPN9,99USD (basic package)no packageno packageno package
IPVanish10USD26,69USDno package77,99USD
PureVPN9,95USDno package44,95USD49,95USD

Smarter now? Visit the VyprVPN website, PureVPN website or the IPVanish website and make up your mind today! If you have any experience or wisdom on the subject, write a comment!