Best VPN for the Winter Olympics 2014

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are just around the corner and millions of people look upon the upcoming Winter Games as the highlight of the year (maybe together with the World Cup in Football in Rio this summer). But, you need a VPN for the Winter Olympics games, but which provider to choose?

When speaking about the best VPN for the Winter Olympics there are two different perspectives of dealing with the subject. One perspective is that you are located somewhere in the world and you need a VPN to be able to watch the Winter Olympics online. The other perspective is that you actually travel to Russia to watch the Winter Games, and while in Russia, you are in need of a VPN provider to secure your data and online privacy. Here in this article we will give you a short and informative answer to both questions!

Winter Olympics in Sochi

What VPN provider to use to watch the Winter Olympics online?

There is an easy to this question. The easy answer is to use HideMyAss, our favorite VPN provider with servers in more than 60 nations which will give you access to live streams from the Winter Olympics at several TV stations around the world. If you use HideMyAss you can for example get a Dutch IP address with which you can watch the live streams at Nederlands. You can also get a UK IP address with which you can watch BBC online. If you have a NBC subscription in the States, you can get an American IP address using HideMyAss, and then watch NBC online. You can also use HideMyAss to get an Australian IP address and with that you can watch tenplay and enjoy the Winter Olympics there. These are just some of the options, but you can read more about different TV channels where you can watch the Winter Olympics online here.HideMyAss

What VPN provider to use if you travel to Russia?

If you travel to Russia to be present in Sochi during the Winter Olympics you are looking for the VPN provider with the best speeds and prices in Russia. We recently wrote an article about the best VPN in Russia, and we can warmly recommend that article to you. Based on download speeds the winner was VyprVPN, but if we take pricing into consideration, especially if you need a VPN for a longer period of time, we would go for PureVPN instead. Both providers are good and give you increased security, high level of encryption and good download speeds. What is for sure is that you should be aware and take care of your personal data and online privacy while in Russia, meaning that you use a VPN to protect your privacy as you use open wireless networks in your hotel, at restaurants and other areas with open WiFi networks. PureVPN

Good luck and enjoy the winter olympics in Sochi, and may the best contestants win!

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